Teach your children wisdom with consequences.

Consequences for Kids That Actually Work

Do you feel like the consequences you give your kids aren't making a difference? Or enough of a difference? Maybe it's time to refresh your perspective. Not all consequences are equal. Increase your kids' internal motivation with consequences that actually work.

consequences for kids that actually work

3 Types of Consequences for Kids

letting your child feel the natural result of bad behavior

Natural Consequences

Making bad choices results in unpleasant experiences. Learn how to utilize these natural consequences to teach your children wisdom.

consequences that engage child's thinking


Learn how to identify a consequences that relates to the behavior. The goal is for your child to understand the problem and develop internal motivation.

forced apologies don't work


When your child hurts somebody, "punishing" your child doesn't make things right again. Your child needs to learn how to make it right with others through restitution.


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What Readers Say

"Finally, something that works AND uses biblical principles. It made all the difference with my kids and my parenting. I’m really touching their minds and hearts. I feel like I am being the parent God has called me to be."

Amber Trimble testimonial


Mom of 4 in Los Angeles

"Natural consequences are difficult for me to identify at times, but when I find and use them, the consequence is always more powerful. I appreciate the emphasis on respecting children and teaching lasting lessons instead of temporary fixes."

Cherise Marshall testimonial


Mom of 2 toddlers in Washington

"I would highly recommend this ebook for any parent looking to connect with their child's heart with consequences that work to build their child's understanding and a genuine sense of responsibility and community. With that understanding will come the improved behaviour and desired wisdom!"

Joanne testimonial


Mom of 3 boys in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada

"I found this book a few years back, and the wisdom keeps guiding my parenting. Right now, we're dealing with a situation with our preschool boys hitting each other. My husband and I literally went through the list of consequence types in this book as we figured out how to respond."

Kara testimonial


Mom of 3 little boys in Thailand