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Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life


4 Multimedia Sessions on Bedtimes, Screens, Chores, & Meals

Focus on 4 critical routines

Create rhythms that you enjoy

Bring peace to your heart and home

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Does your family struggle with any of the following four areas?

  • Bedtimes
  • Screens
  • Chores
  • Meals

YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Most kids struggle with routines at times, and sensitive and intense kids struggle more…

Healthy smoothie helps your child eat something besides junk food

What if instead…

You had a plan for each of these areas!

  • What if bedtimes and mealtimes were opportunities for connection and peace?
  • What if chores and screens built up a sense of capability and responsibility?

Pick and choose the problem areas your family needs to focus on.

This is what we want for you!

The Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life online course can change how you navigate your family’s daily routines.

With lifetime access to the course, you can go through the whole course now or pick a single problem area to focus on and revisit the other section later.

Each session has option for a quick overview and a deeper dive into the content. You might spend less than 10 minutes on sessions where you need less help and an hour or more where you choose to dive deeper.

Let Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life change…


Walk into your daily struggles with peace AND a plan.


Help your child develop the confidence to face routines, sensory struggles, and transitions with confidence.


Move from chaos to peace as you approach struggle areas in new ways.

After taking the Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life online course you will have:

OC Healthy Rhythms
  • Practical tools to navigate bedtime, screens, chores, and meals
  • An approach to help kids guided by research
  • A new perspective on why these key areas can be so difficult, especially for kids with sensory struggles
  • Real-life examples of putting these new tools into practice

About the Instructors

Lynne Jackson is an occupational therapist, co-founder of Connected Families, and parent coach. As a research enthusiast and mom of three intense kids, Lynne has lived out what she teaches. As a follower of Christ, she has a “no shame” policy on this journey.

Lydia Rex is a registered nurse, parent coach, and TBRI practitioner. She brings compassion and trauma-informed insights from both her personal and professional experience with foster care, adoption, and raising sensitive-intense kids. She invites you into the same journey of hope and healing that she herself is walking out.

Lynne Jackson

Things can get better!


Don’t let mealtimes, bedtime, screens, and chores stay the same.