Scholarship Request

The Entitlement Fix

Thanks for contacting us for a scholarship to take part in The Entitlement Fix online course.

We want everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, to have access to this life-giving information. Simply supply your name and email address, and an email will be delivered to your inbox with a special link allowing you to register for $10. (If you don’t receive an email within about five minutes, check your spam/promotion folder. If not there, you likely gave us an incorrect email address).

If you are unable to pay the reduced price of $10, just contact us for a full scholarship! (This is true for everyone, but especially for single parents and families in full-time ministry.)

In exchange for the scholarship, we’d appreciate the following: 

  • Share your Connected Families or Entitlement Fix experience with others. Word of mouth is simply the best marketing there is!
  • Provide feedback and/or a testimonial at the end of the course.
  • Complete the course! High completion rates are a huge encouragement to us!