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Welcome to our prayer page.

Because we believe in the power of prayer, we’re inviting you to pray for Connected Families and to share your prayer requests with us. Each month we send an email to the prayer team, and then as needs arise during the month. Enter your name and email address to join*.

June 2019 Prayer Requests

In 2019 we are experimenting with many new things at Connected Families. Please pray that we would learn and grow in our efforts to help more parents with these new resources!

Our first 10 podcasts have been recorded (see praises below!) and we are getting the word out that the first one will launch on June 19. Please pray that many parents would be encouraged by what they hear and that our audience would share our resources with many more parents!

As our needs change and the ministry develops we see the importance of being flexible. We hope to sell our office space in Chaska, MN and are looking for a different space closer to the Minneapolis area. Please pray that God would guide our efforts to find just the right space for us to call home for many years to come!

There are many ministries doing amazing work with families. We recently connected with a group called Mobile Hope which ministers to people living in mobile home parks. They are hoping to utilize Connected Families’ parenting resources for the parents they serve. Please pray that God would open doors to the many parents impacted by the outreach of Mobile Hope and we would learn how to best equip and partner with them!

We are working on our next online course for parents that will focus on helping parents ask their kids good questions rather than simply telling their kids information. Jesus asked 307 questions in the gospels so we know it’s important! Please pray for God’s guidance and clarity as we outline and then write the script for this important online course!

We continue to engage with ministry partners who come to us from outside the U.S. who are hungry to bring faith-filled parenting resources to their area. Please pray that God would bring peace and clarity regarding with whom we should partner and that our partnerships would bring about abundant fruit!

Thank God with us that we successfully recorded our first 10 podcasts. The technology worked well and we are now in the editing process. This is an amazing answer to prayer!


  • For the health and wellness of all of our staff including our parent coaches (Lynne and Chad), our workshop speakers (Jim, Lynne, Chad, Stacy, and Anna) and our support team (April, Lanell, Jen, Sharon, and Stacy).F
  • or parents everywhere who are struggling to parent with God’s grace and truth.
  • For our ministry as a whole, that God would be glorified in all we do.

Share your prayer requests with us.
We would be honored to pray for you.

*When you join the CF prayer team you can expect:

  • A minimum of one email per month highlighting prayer needs of CF Board, Staff and Families to whom we minister.
  • An occasional S.O.S prayer requests that need immediate prayer


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