A five-session small group

Grace & Truth for Moms

Equipping you for resilient parenting

Grace & Truth for Moms

For Small Groups

Equipping you for resilient parenting

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Are you ready to parent more peacefully?

Do you find yourself feeling angry a lot? 
Resilience anchored in God's truth for tough times could be the best legacy you leave behind.


Find your "truth tape"

Do you feel stuck in negative patterns? Are you isolated? Are you anxious about your kids' successes or failures? This course will help you identify and hold on to God's truth about YOU, and equip you to stop believing toxic lies about yourself. 


This five-session course will encourage resilient parenting even in tough times.

Session 1: Recognizing lies within me

Session 2: What is the real truth… About me?

Session 3: What is the real truth… About my kids?

Session 4: Holding onto truth, even in hard times

Session 5: Fighting the Accuser + Fellowship + Prayer

This course was made for small groups!

When you register your group, you'll have immediate access to the online videos. This course takes little to no preparation on your part. The handout is included with registration - no extra materials are needed.

Your individual group members will be given forever access to the online material so they can refer back at any time. The content consists of pre-recorded videos and built-in discussion questions.

Just push play.... And feel God's grace!

Your instructor, Lynne Jackson, speaks to thousands of parents a year through Connected Families, the ministry she co-founded in 2002. She brings loads of experience from raising her spirited crew of three. Additionally, she has over 25 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in kids with sensory processing disorder and behavioral challenges.

The Connected Families ministry helps parents learn to embody God’s grace in the midst of family life. As a speaker, certified life coach, podcaster, and author, Lynne has helped thousands of parents learn to be peaceful, purposeful, and confident. 

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Curious if this online course is right for your small group?

God spoke to my heart during that portion, and showed me how I have subconsciously been believing lies about myself and my parenting. Also realized that I have had a goal of eventually becoming some sort of perfect/excellent parent (as measured by my children thanking me for my good work perhaps?) I needed to let go of that goal, and just rest in the truth that I am doing my best, and will never be perfect, but Jesus is perfect!


Mom of 3, Minnesota
This information is an invaluable resource. One of the many takeaways for me was that my children are children of God who are created for a bigger purpose. Moms need to hear these things. I love that so much of the content in this course is based on Gospel truth because in the end that is all we have. 


Mom of 4, Ohio

Top benefits of Grace & Truth for Moms

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Grace & Truth Small Group Course

  • Groups can start anytime.
  • A "small group" can be as small as 2 people, or as large as you'd like. 
  • No course moderator, although you can always email us with questions.
  • All prep work is done and ready for you to access, including an easy-to-download handout.
  • Group members all get forever access to the course videos to watch on their schedule. 

Signing Your Group Up Is Easy

Start Planning

As a group, decide on dates and times to meet and watch the videos together.

Register Your Group

Sign up and gain immediate access to the course online. 

Fellowship with other moms

Support and encourage each other while you celebrate your mothering successes! Resilient parenting anchored in God's truth can be your new signature trademark. 

Register Now and Receive:

Watch the course with your group. All you have to do is press play.

Direct your questions to us at any point.

As a small group leader, you have access to the following: 

Each of your group members will be able to catch up on a session they missed or go back to a video for review at any point by setting up their own account. Having their own account will also give them access to the many extra resources we house online. 

If you find this course is not right for your group, simply contact us during your first month for a full refund.

Register Your Group

Multiple pricing options, based on the size of your group.

$90, $160, $210

Still have questions? We have answers!

The course includes 5 sessions, so plan on meeting for 5 weeks. 

Each session includes 20-25 minutes of course content with discussion questions interspersed.

Depending on how your group is organized (how many members and how chatty they are) you can discuss in as little as 15 minutes and as long as 1 hour! 

If you only have 45 minutes, we’d suggest having group members watch course content individually and then use meeting time to discuss. Each session includes at least two discussion questions, so you will have lots to talk about!

That is totally up to you! Here are some options:

  • Each group member can watch the course content ahead of time and come ready to discuss. 
  • The group can watch the course content and engage in discussion while they are all together. 
  • If group members are not in the same location, they can view course content and then “meet” virtually. 

When you register for a course we give you a certain number of licenses based on your purchase. Everyone in your group would have their own username/password and can access the videos on their own time. You can use the time together to watch and discuss, just discuss, or re-watch portions and discuss. Totally flexible!

Each household will receive their own individual access to the online course, which they will enjoy forever access to

Also included with registration is access to the required handout as a digital download. 

There is no "homework," per se. That said, group members will have much to think about, process, and test out at their homes as they solidify what they are hearing in the course. 

Group members can also access course content on their own for extra preparation or review.

When group leaders register they’ll have easy access to the following:

Immediately! Once you have registered, you have instant access to the material. 

You’ll receive a customized coupon code for your group members to receive their access within 24 hours.

Yes! Fill out the contact us form and let us know you are interested in reviewing the course before purchasing. Once you register for your trial, you’ll have access to the video content for 30 days.

Group Leader resources (leader’s guide, style guide) will be available once you register your group. 

No problem! Sign up with the number you think might be participating. If that number grows, contact us and we’ll work out the finances at that time.

10 households! Each household is one license. We can provide extra licenses (at no charge) if each household member wants their individual access.

Each of your group members will be able to catch up on a session they missed or go back to a video for review at any point by setting up their own account. Having their own account will give them access to the many extra resources we house online.

Our course content is heavily biblical but not so much so that it would be uncomfortable with someone who doesn't have a Christian faith background. We incorporate scripture throughout our material.

You can always fill out our contact us form and we will route it to someone on our team who can assist you.

You bet! You can sign up for our online courses with as few as 2 households, regardless of how you are connected (church, school, neighbors, family, etc).

Share this page with the person in your church who oversees small groups.

Yes! All of our courses are available for hearing impaired. Contact us to request a transcript, which can be read along while the video is playing.

We are able to provide certification that you registered and participated. You (or your board) would need to decide if it fits within your CEU guidelines.

Lots of Flexibility

You can set your group up to take the course completely together or semi-virtually. The online videos and accompanying workbook provide all the content.

Need Help?

You're not alone! You have direct access to us. We are here to answer questions at any point. We’ve worked to make the course as simple to lead as possible. During the group sessions, you manage the play button, and facilitate the discussion times.

A Sacred Journey

It is a sacred journey to parent the children God has given us. You are making a huge investment in the lives of your group members, their children, and future generations.

We are excited to partner with you!

We are excited to partner with you as you lead others on this mothering journey. Questions? Contact us and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours.