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When Your Child Misbehaves: 4 Strategies for Lasting Change [FREE ebook!]

Getting behavior you want by instilling beliefs kids need.

You have great intentions for your kids. But between your great intentions, and the stuff that happens when you discipline them, sometimes things go wrong. They react. You do, too. Things get ugly more often than you’d like. You get advice. You go online. You buy books and keep trying, praying, and wondering: Is any of this working? Am I ruining my child?

This ebook was written to help parents shift their thinking and transform their families by introducing the basics of the Discipline that Connects® approach. When you request the ebook, you’ll be added to our once-a-week power-packed, grace-filled email. You can unsubscribe anytime, but we hope you’ll find our content so encouraging that you won’t!

Parents who learn these ideas report:
“My kids know when they need a time-out and they take it themselves.”
“There is joy in our home again.”
“I’m a nicer parent!”
“It’s so much more natural to talk about God.”

If these are things you’d like your family to experience, dig into this ebook! You’ll learn about the important shift from focusing on producing behavior to focusing on instilling healthy, God-honoring belief in your kids – even when they misbehave.