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Struggling with your child’s anger?

You can learn to stay calm in the midst of angry outbursts, and develop the tools to bring peace to your child’s big emotions.

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If you’re here, you probably feel:

  • Like you’re struggling to stay calm
  • Discouraged by your child’s aggressive outbursts
  • Like your child’s uncontrolled emotions reflect on you as a parent
  • Helpless to bring lasting change to how your child handles anger
  • Like you could use some encouragement

You’re not alone – we know how hard it can feel to break out of moments of frustration, anger, and tension.

Other parents in our community also said:

  • “When my child gets angry, I’m not sure how to respond.”
  • “I can be an angry mom and have a kid that can be angry too.”
  • “I am looking for answers to dealing with a child that is explosive.”
  • “My son can act verbally abusive and we can’t get anyone to help us.”
  • “I want my little girl to know she is loved, but her reactions right now make it unsafe for her siblings.”

This is why we created Helping Kids with Anger! This Free eBook will encourage you, share strategies to stop outbursts before they start, and help your child feel more in control of their anger and emotions.

What’s in the eBook?

Whether you have a few hours to read the book, process, and start putting it into practice, or just 30 minutes to skim it, you will find practical truths and skills that you can implement in your parenting to help your children move from explosive anger to peaceful calm.

anger ebook chapter 1
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Part 1: Guiding Insights

  • Judgments Keep Us Stuck
  • Sensory Overload Feeds Anger
  • Four Payoffs Make Anger Powerfully Addictive
  • Kids Need Skills to Manage Their Anger

Part 2: Practical Strategies

  • Build “Addiction-Busting” Skills
    • Share the Real Feelings Beneath the Anger
    • Respond Wisely When People Say Hurtful Things
    • Be Flexible and Solve Problems
    • Seek Affection Instead of Negative Attention
  • Soothe Outbursts
    • Offer Calming Choices Quickly
    • Express Empathy Effectively
  • Heal Shame with Grace

“If anger helps you feel in control, no wonder you can’t control your anger!”

Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D.

Who can this book help?

This book is for parents who are discouraged by or feel helpless to change their child’s angry outbursts. You will be invited on a journey of parenting change – where you’ll go from focusing on “stopping” your child’s anger, to understanding it, then to equipping your child to regulate their own emotions.

You will learn:

  1. Four guiding insights that give perspective on anger
  2. Three main strategies to help your child:
    • Decrease addiction to anger
    • Soothe outbursts 
    • Heal shame 
  3. How moments of anger are opportunities for grace

What parents say
about the book

“The book brought me into the Connected Families’ world and I’m eternally grateful for that.”

“I learned to not be preoccupied thinking about “bigger” things like work or the news when being with my son.”

“This book was my first introduction to Connected Families, which has been so transformative for our family.”

3 reasons this book is unlike other parenting books on kids’ anger

Holistic, practical, and applicable

Focused on the big picture while still practical and immediately applicable

Biblical and brain-based

This book is founded on biblical wisdom and brain-based science

Long-term results

Bringing long-term results to help kids regulate their own emotions, while deepening family relationships

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Who is Connected Families?

Started over 20 years ago by Jim and Lynne Jackson, Connected Families has used this simple framework to help thousands of families, based on brain science and biblical principles.

Jim and Lynne were not satisfied with the resources available to them. With highly sensitive, active kids, conventional parenting advice and teaching wasn’t working.

They saw that the typical behavior management strategies would never bring about lasting change. Instead, in reading everything they could about child development, discipline, and biblical truths, discovered that through a deeply connected relationship, parents build influence with their children that ultimately leads to change in behavior.