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Transform Bedtime Struggles Into Nighttime Snuggles

Bedtime struggles and nighttime battles wearing you down?

The sweet bedtime cuddles you dream of deterioritate far too often into mayhem.

You’ve got this!

Bring peace to your child’s body, mind, heart, and spirit. So they (and you!) can sleep well.

Download and read our FREE in-depth ebook Transform Bedtime Struggles into Nighttime Snuggles.

Transform Bedtime Struggles Into Nighttime Battles

This short ebook equips YOU to bring peace to the bedtime struggles

From bedtime battles to sweet connection

If you are a parent of an infant or a teen, you’ll come away with fresh perspective.
The examples in the book are centered around kids ages 2 to 12. 

Be equipped

Learn practical tips and brain science that you can apply immediately to help your child learn to sleep. 

Be encouraged

Sleep challenges and bedtime struggles are a normal part of parenthood. Learn what you can do and give yourself some grace.

Be hope-filled

Full of many true stories of parents who got past the bedtime struggles to help their children sleep. You will be full of hope that a little more sleep is possible for your family too.

This is our free gift to you.

Download the book, so you can bring peace to the night.

What’s in the book?

Take a look at the Table of Contents for Transform Bedtime Struggles to Nighttime Snuggles.


  • How much sleep does your child need?
    • Does your child have a sleep problem?
  • Take a holistic approach to sleep: Incorporate body, mind, heart, and spirit

BODY: Calm & Regulated

  • Create natural rhythms and routines
    • Set a predictable bedtime routine
  • Incorporate pleasant, calming, sensory activities throughout the day
  • Consider supplements* when circadian rhythms don’t come naturally
  • “My kids don’t wear pajamas!” and other sensory troubleshooting tips

MIND: Settled

  • Provide a focal point
  • Work to decrease nighttime anxiety
  • Avoid bedtime battles by teaching peaceful waiting
  • Ending bedtime struggles requires an upfront investment
  • What if my child wakes up in the night?
  • Prepare for needing the bathroom
  • Inspire with a reward system
  • Empower confidence in older kids, too
  • How I (Lynne) problem-solved bedtime struggles with my kids
  • Empower independence as you decrease your involvement

HEART: Connected & Secure

  • What emotions do you add to the bedtime struggles?
  • Changing your goals can bring peace to bedtime
  • Strengthen joy-filled connection throughout the day
  • Build connection and security at bedtime
  • Validate your child’s frustrations and fears at bedtime
  • Solve the issue of anxious demands at bedtime

SPIRIT: Loved & Protected By God

  • Build a rich heritage of faith at bedtime
  • See the spiritual opportunity in bedtime anxiety
  • Scriptures to comfort your anxious child
  • Embrace the sensory expression of God’s presence

FINAL THOUGHTS: The Lasting Impact of Bedtimes

  • When bedtime was hurtful in the past for parents
  • How will your children remember bedtime?

Wait… Download the book.

End the the bedtime battles and nighttime struggles. Embrace your role as shepherding your child’s sleep.