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Encouragement From a Dad Who’s Been There

Audio download for dads

Moms get lots of parenting advice! That’s a fact.

No matter how good the idea… For dads, sometimes it’s overwhelming every time a new idea comes home.

Maybe that new idea is something from Connected Families. Good? Yes. Overwhelming? Possible.

What do you do with the latest “good parenting idea”?

Jim recorded this 38-minute audio thinking about the dad out there who might feel like he is getting bombarded with new-found parenting wisdom after his wife attends one of our workshops.

We’re cheering you on, Dad!

If your wife has recently been digging into our material and is urging you to “get on board!” this is a great place to start! Listen to it as you go about your day, knowing that we are cheering you on as you do the important work of loving and guiding the family God has entrusted to you.

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