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Discipline That Connects 1-Hour Audio

Disciplining kids is a tough job. What worked for one child doesn’t work for the other. You learn various methods but your kids get wise to you. You often find yourself bouncing from misbehavior to misbehavior and you wind up feeling dazed and confused. This is common, and in the fast pace of life even the best of parents blows up. We say things we wish we’d not said. We do things we’d like to take back.

If this sounds familiar, we’d like to help. To do it, we’re providing a free download of a one-hour workshop presented by Connected Families co-founders, Jim & Lynne Jackson.

It’s a fast-paced presentation of the Discipline That Connects framework, filled with stories and practical applications. It’s a refreshing new approach to a parent’s toughest job!

In it you’ll learn a basic set of four messages you can apply to discipline with kids of all ages and stages.

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