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Framework for Kids!

A five-session activity & devotional guide for elementary-aged children

Download this FREE PDF to guide your kids through five activities! These activities will introduce the Connected Families Framework in a fun and inviting way. You’ll share with your kids the heart behind your parenting and your desires for your family.

Through these activities, your kids will grow in these valuable messages:

  • You are SAFE with me.
  • You are LOVED no matter what.
  • You are CALLED and CAPABLE.
  • You are RESPONSIBLE for your actions.

These activities are best used for elementary aged-kids (5 to 11) but can be customized for kids of any age.

Listen to this podcast, where we introduce the Framework for Kids activity guide.

What your family will gain:

It can be really helpful to explain to your kids what you’re learning and how you are growing in your parenting. It keeps you accountable and helps them feel less confused when you do things in a different way. Over time, it also may help them begin to embrace these ideas for their life. That’s why we’ve created this new family guide which will introduce your kids to the Connected Families Framework.