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Picky Picky! My Child Won't Eat Anything But Junk Food (book cover)

Empower your child to make healthy food choices

Does your child just feel so picky? Maybe junk food isn’t the issue…maybe there is something more going on. When your child will only eat certain foods, won’t try new foods, or barely even sits at the table, the struggle is real.

Reduce mealtime chaos

Make eating enjoyable

Decrease YOUR anxiety

Are meals with your kids one of the least enjoyable parts of your day?

Here are some frustrations we’ve heard from parents:

  • “My child won’t eat anything but junk food!”
  • “My child won’t sit still at meal times.”
  • “I feel like I’m responsible for my child’s eating habits, and I’m failing.”
  • “Mealtimes often end in power struggles between my child and me.”
  • “I’m afraid my child will have an unhealthy relationship with food as they get older.”
  • Mealtime is a stressor, instead of an enjoyable time together.”
Healthy smoothie helps your child eat something besides junk food

What if instead…

Mealtimes could be enjoyable, empower your kids to make healthy choices, and, most importantly, bring connection?

This is what we want for you!

This FREE ebook, Picky Picky! can help you improve mealtimes. Request your copy today!

kids making soup

Picky Picky! can transform mealtimes for…


You can go from frustration and anxiety about meals to peace.


Your child can go from stress and shame around eating to confidence in nourishing their body well.


Your family can go from chaotic meals to family meals filled with connection and enjoyment.

Get the Picky Picky! ebook now

Don’t glue the “picky picky” label to your child’s forehead… even if your child doesn’t eat anything but junk food. Learn how you can empower your child to make healthy food choices and bring calm to the table.

After reading Picky Picky! My Child Won’t Eat Anything But Junk Food you will have:

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  • Practical tools to create enjoyable mealtimes.
  • An approach to help kids with limited food preferences, grounded in research.
  • Ideas for getting squirmy kids to sit at mealtimes.
  • A new perspective on why your child might struggle with food choices.
  • New language to use regarding food and meal times.
  • A real-life example of putting these new tools into practice.

A message from Lynne Jackson

OTR and Co-Founder of Connected Families
Author of Picky Picky! My Child Won’t Eat Anything But Junk Food

Have meals become moments you dread because your child can be picky or can’t sit still? I know exactly how you feel.

I’m not only a mom to three kids who didn’t always want to eat healthy food, but I’ve also been an Occupational Therapist and parent coach for decades. 

In all these years, I’ve learned a lot about how to help families with mealtime stress. I’ve created this ebook to give parents hope and encouragement as they coach their children to nourish themselves well.

Lynne Jackson

Bring peace and connection
to your meals!

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