Does the Bible tell me to spank my child?

What the Bible says about spanking

As a Christian, you might be wondering what the Bible says about spanking. Perspectives on Spanking is our free gift to you. In a nonjudgmental way, we hope to help you work through answers to the following questions:

  • Is the great spanking debate a clear-cut issue? 
  • Is there a single, right answer?
  • Does the Bible tell Christians to spank, or not to spank?
  • How we can we look at the Bible for guidance on spanking?
  • What does the current brain research say?

Spanking in the Bible is not black and white.

What's in Perspectives on Spanking?

A nonjudgmental approach to the following topics...

parent motivations

Unpacking parents' motives

Our motivations play a big role in how children perceive our discipline. So what's behind spanking? Reflect on why you discipline the way you do.

what is biblical discipline

Biblical Discipline

Consider examples of discipline in the Bible. What does it mean to "keep in step with the Spirit" in our discipline? Learn the different types of discipline Jesus used.

rod in proverbs

The "Rod" in Proverbs

What is the "rod" in Proverbs actually talking about? What does it mean for our discipline of our children? Learn ways of approaching these passages in Proverbs.

what does the research on spanking say?

Brain Research on Spanking

Find out what brain research related to spanking says. Find out how you as a Christian can apply this research.

what does the Bible say about obedience?

What the Bible Says About Obedience

Lastly, reflect on what the Bible says about obedience. Check if your goals align with biblical goals for obedience.


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What Our Readers Say

"I loved - LOVED - the spanking document. It not only encapsulated what I was thinking and feeling about spanking with my journey as a mother, but it also used biblical discipline to back it up! And it very seamlessly backed up what CF's principles and book are all about."

Amber Trimble testimonial


Mom of 4 in Los Angeles

“We really appreciated a new perspective and especially the initial focus on parental motivation. I think we are not unique in this matter, but we felt helpless, overwhelmed and unsure at the beginning of our parenting journey and we had no idea that our little ones had opinions of their own and that obedience is a habit to be developed and habits take time and grace."

Stepanek testimonial


South Africa

"A thoughtful, biblical look at the practice of spanking for those who believe spanking is biblically mandated or for those who are on the fence about it."

anonymous testimonial


Mom of 2

"I found it very comprehensive and easy to understand. Most importantly not judgmental."

Sarah testimonial


Mom of 4 in Rochester, NY