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2018 Year End Fundraising Campaign

Big News! A generous donor has given a $50,000 matching gift to inspire year-end giving!

Has this ever happened to you?

You were struggling with an issue. An email from Connected Families landed in your inbox and it was exactly what you needed to hear?

You were feeling discouraged and overwhelmed...scrolling through facebook or instagram and - boom! - the perfect Connected Families image or quote got you through the day.

Almost everyday parents share their stories of hope and change with us. And you would not believe how often we hear this: “Did you have a hidden camera at our house last night?!?” 

During the end of 2018 we invite you to expand the Connected Families story.  Would you consider sharing your story along with a donation? Both have the power to bring the peace and harmony so many families long for. It could be your story and donation that inspires them to share their story too! 

During Nov and Dec, $180,000 dollars (over and above monthly planned giving) is needed to launch confidently into 2019. If you’ve been blessed by Connected Families, consider giving today so more stories can be written.

(thermometer updated January 1, 2019).


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Connected Families Stories
We are excited to share stories with you each week about how our donors make new stories possible. 

"I was meeting HIS disrespect with MY disrespect."
We heard from Kim* when she and her husband Matt were desperate for help with their intense, argumentative 10-year-old son. The more they demanded right behavior from him the more defiant he became and the more they realized they were ultimately losing his heart. Read more

Mom of four from Vermont

"My child is not my report card"
In school Meg was a high achiever, easily earning top grades. When she couldn't get the same "grades" as a parent she became very discouraged - until she grasped the truth, through Connected Families, that her children are not her report card.  Read more

Mom of five from Illinois

"Our gentleness gave way to harshness and yelling."
It was a little over a year ago that Chalise stumbled upon Connected Families. At that time she was full of frustration and exasperation. Her desire to raise her children with attachment-based-parenting had faltered as she faced the children of her reality. Read more

Mom of three from Tennessee

"My daughter was having a 'no, No, NO' morning"
Matthew and his wife, Krista, attended a Connected Families workshop when “because we said so” wasn’t working with their 3-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. Since that workshop, about a year ago, what they’ve learned has permeated many parts of their life.  Read more

Dad of one from Minnesota

"I'm just SO tired!!"
Annie had one idea in mind. Her exhausted five-year-old son had another. By applying what she learned through Connected Families, Annie experienced a sweet parenting moment with her son. Read more.

Mom of three from Spokane

"I'm learning to enter the situation as a coach."
Brendon and Naomi are parents to three kids; ages 6, 4, and 2. After completing the Sibling Conflict online course Brendon reported, “This course has had a profound impact on our parenting!” Read more

Brendon and Naomi
Parents of three from Singapore

Be part of the Connected Families story!

Here's how you can get started:

  • Share your story with us

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  • Share your story with others

    Share your Connected Families story within your sphere of influence. Our marketing dollars are short, and word of mouth is simply the best! 

  • Donate so more stories can be written

    During Nov and Dec, we need to raise an additional $180,000 over and above our planned monthly giving. Your donation counts! 

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Our commitment to you

Since our beginning in 2002, Connected Families has maintained the highest level of financial integrity. We stand accountable before you and God to use your resources wisely and efficiently. We are committed to financial disclosure and trustworthy stewardship. As such, here are our guiding financial principles:

  • We pledge to use money well with accountability to God as our greatest desire. We will spend overhead money as wisely as we can fully accountable to our Board of Directors. Our primary guiding principle is to be good stewards of the funds and the quality employees that God has provided.
  • All our finances are audited annually by the independent CPA firm Ellingson & Ellingson. Recommendations are followed, and the report and form 990 filing record is available upon request.
  • If the goal of a given fundraising campaign is met, we will gratefully apply additional gifts to other equally important aspects of Connected Families’ ongoing ministry to families.
  • For many of our services, we invite people to make suggested donations. We let them know what the service costs, and if they have budget for the service, we invite them to contribute that amount or more. But we do not withhold services when there is not budget. We will serve for whatever people can offer.
  • Jim & Lynne Jackson take no royalties from their books, audios, or videos. These proceeds, and all suggested speaking and coaching fees, are paid directly to Connected Families.
  • Connected Families is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

In every detail, our standard is absolute financial integrity. Our most recent financial report is available upon request. To receive a copy, or to ask us any questions about our financial principles or practices, please fill out this contact form.

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Why people donate

I've been following Connected Families from the beginning (even before kids!) since I worked with both Jim and Chad at a youth outreach ministry.  As a family physician, I now refer clients to Connected Families all the time. My husband and I support Connected Families financially because I believe there is no better resources for parents and families than what they offer.

Mom of four from Washington State

Since 2014, my wife and I have been receiving emails from Connected Families. They have provided countless gems of wisdom with not only the way we parent, but with the way that Father God leads us as well!  With 4 children, life can be somewhat overwhelming, but with practical approaches to leading our children with love and grace, that burden is significantly lighter!

Dad of four from Minnesota

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