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Ignite a new generation


Looking back on what God has done through Connected Families over the past two decades, we feel a high sense of stewardship for growth beyond what we ever imagined or expected. We invite you to be part of what’s next with a three-year financial commitment.

Ignite a new generation

Your 3-year financial commitment will IGNITE a new generation of stewardship as we focus our efforts on three initiatives:

  1. Equipping parents through Christ-centered content 
  2. Training Certified Parent Coaches to impact their communities
  3. Launching our Ministry Partner program to serve parents through churches, schools, and mission organizations

What will your role be?

Will you be one of the 137 donors who will commit to giving 1.5 million over the next three years? From $250 annually to $50,000 annually…. Every commitment matters.

Annual PledgeCommitments Needed1 year3 years

How are we doing?

Goal: 137 donors


Goal: $1.5 million


Updated April 30, 2024.

Learn more!

Listen in as Stacy Bellward (podcast host) interviews Anna Braasch (Executive Director). In this podcast interview, Anna shares both her personal and professional journey.


  • How Anna was first introduced to Jim and Lynne Jackson and the personal impact Connected Families has had on her own life
  • Why a three-year financial commitment is so important at this moment in time

Got more questions?

Anna Braasch, Executive Director of Connected Families, is happy to make time for a call with you!


Ignite the next generation of families.