The Power of Questions

For Small Groups


The Power of Questions For Small Groups


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Why does everything have to be a fight?

It's exhausting, isn't it? From daily chores (taking out the garbage & feeding the dog) to bigger life-defining decisions (friend choice, drinking, school work) most parents dread engaging in power struggles with their children.

It leads to discontent, lack of respect, distanced relationships; and often more nagging from parents. The nagging isn't cultivating wisdom, is it? But how do you stop the constant arguing? 

In this course you will learn the art of asking questions that build internal wisdom and character in your kids, and create a culture of teamwork in your family.

boy being nagged by mom

Learn to ask engaging & thoughtful questions so your children:

dad reading to daughter

Build Wisdom

boy mopping

Grow Responsibility

girl washing dishes with mother

Work Like a Team

Ever wonder how to stop arguing with your child?

Start by asking the right questions.

When you do, your child will learn a better way to respond. In The Power of Questions online course, infused with biblical truth, you’ll learn: 

How to grow wisdom & responsibility in kids

How to ask effective questions

When NOT to ask questions

What to do when kids respond defensively

How to hold your kids responsible

How to help kids progress in areas that matter

arguing with son

We know arguing can really get under your skin.

It can be incredibly frustrating when children resist!  Should you really have to nag and give constant reminders? You only asked him to mow the lawn! 

There's hope. You can stop arguing with your child and cultivate wisdom.

For over 20 years Connected Families has developed strategies to help parents, just like you, grow wisdom and responsibility in their kids. Can you imagine the entire family living in peace?

What Parents Are Saying

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We're parents too.

We know how hard parenting can be when everything - even brushing teeth! - turns into an argument.


Chad Hayenga (MA, LMFT, CLC) and Stacy Bellward (ACC) delight in helping families live in harmony. But they are also parents and understand your daily struggles.

They wrote this course to give you a new vision for using thoughtful and curious questions to grow wisdom and responsibility in your kids.

Chad Hayenga
Stacy Bellward

Ready to stop arguing with your child?

Change the conversation and cultivate wisdom with questions! Each session is full of practical strategies that you can start using right away.

Session 1: Using questions shifts arguing to teamwork

Session 2: Growing wisdom with questions

Session 3: Growing responsibility with questions

Session 4: Using questions in everyday life

PLUS Three Bonus Videos
Stacy bonus
Trusting God's Timing with My Children
Chad bonus
Help Kids Make Big or Small Decisions
Lynne bonus
Questions That Teach During Sibling Conflict

And many other resources:

Examples of questions Jesus used.
How to use questions for schoolwork issues.
Responding to outrageous statements.
Helping your child want to take that shower.
Tools to help reach agreement with your child on responsibilities.

Start growing a culture of peace today.

1. Register today

The course is now open and ready for you. Don't delay! Start your family's transformation today. 

2. Complete the course

Put four 45 minute blocks of time on your calendar to watch the videos and go through the workbook. 

3. Parent with confidence

Next time your child draws you into an argument you'll be ready to ask thoughtful and curious questions instead. 

Register Your Group

Multiple pricing options, based on the size of your group.

$80, $140, $200

You've got questions? We've got answers!

There are 4 sessions of 25 minutes each that are pre-recorded and available to you on your schedule! This means that you can take it day or night and go through the course at the speed that works for you.

The four sessions are streaming videos with reflection questions interspersed throughout. We highly encourage course participants to leave comments when taking the course but don’t require comments to move to the next session.


In session one, you’ll begin to learn the brain science of arguing that will help everyone during conflict. You will learn about a heart shift that enables you to ask questions that get below the surface of what is happening. 

In session two you’ll learn to grow wisdom for life with a long range view.

In session three you’ll learn a four step process to walk your kids through expectations and then hold them accountable in a kind and firm way.

By the time you’re done with all four sessions you’ll be able to ask a curious question and listen to understand your child. You will learn how to respond and when to say what you need to say. You will catch a vision and experience greater teamwork in your house.

Each household receives their own individual access to the course. Also included with your registration is:

If you would prefer to have workbooks mailed to you, we sell them in a pack of 5 bundle (which includes our Insights and Action Cards AND Questions Word Art).

No! Everything is included with your purchase. If you would prefer to purchase workbooks, in place of the complimentary downloadable workbook, you may do so. Our Power of Questions Welcome Packet includes a set of 5 workbooks, Action and Insight cards. 

While the material in this course is helpful for parents with kids of all ages, it is most beneficial to those with children elementary and above (ages 5 to 17).

Our course content is biblical but not so much so that it would be uncomfortable with someone who doesn't have a Christian faith background. We incorporate scripture throughout our material.

There IS homework, but more "try this at home and report back" rather than actual work/writing in a book.

Immediately! Once you have registered, you have instant access to the material. 

You’ll receive a customized coupon code for your group members to receive their access within 24 hours.

We have pre-made ads as well as a style guide (so you can make your own ads) here

If you need help customizing an ad for your group, just let us know and we'll work with you on that! 

We ask that you register as a group rather than use your individual login. This way you will get all of the extra benefits of a group complete with leader resources. Each family will receive their own access at no extra charge. 

10 households! Each household is one license. We can provide extra licenses (at no charge) if each household member wants their individual access.

No problem! Sign up with the number you think might be participating. If that number grows, contact us and we’ll work out the finances at that time.

Yes! Fill out the contact us form and let us know you are interested in reviewing the course before purchasing. Once you register for your trial, you’ll have access to the video content for 30 days.

Group Leader resources (leader’s guide, style guide) will be available once you register your group. 

When group leaders register they’ll have easy access to the following:

  • Leader’s Guide (digital download)
  • Marketing Material plus Style Guide if you want to customize your marketing efforts.
  • PDF of course workbook (digital download)

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