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Parenting Strengths Assessment

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with parenting. Totally normal. But you’ve got some amazing parenting strengths. Your best mom or dad instincts are exactly what your kids need.

But to parent in the best way possible, you need to know what your parenting strengths are.

We all have parenting strengths and room for improvement, and at Connected Families we want to help you key in on both areas.

To help you get a good grip on your strengths and a couple ways you could improve, we’ve designed a 24 question multiple choice assessment that will both challenge and encourage you. You’ll come away with confidence about your strengths as well as practical ideas about how to improve.

Let’s find out! Take the FREE Parenting Strengths Assessment.

Discover your parenting strengths now

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“The results email is kind and true and the growth recommended sources are spot on. This is a blessing to me already.”

Nancy, Mom