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How to Make Family Meetings the Best Meetings

Your Guide to Family Meetings Family Meetings. Wohoo. Or not. Those two words do not rouse most parents into excitement. In fact, they might send you into a state of anxiety. They might be on your list of “should do’s”…

Finding Sanity During Family Car Trips

“Are we there yet?” “I have to go to the bathroom!” “I want a Happy Meal NOW!” “No, I want Taco Bell!!” Ahh, the bliss of car-trip vacations. Whether our children are toddlers or teens, the stress of riding in…

Does Your Family Have a Purpose?

Our family likes to have plans in the works for the upcoming year. A possible Florida trip this spring to see family? What about our family’s favorite summer vacation spot in the Colorado Rockies? In order to make these dreams a…

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