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Family Teamwork: How To Meet Together as a Family | Ep. 135

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Imagine your family working together to solve problems. Sounds amazing, right? But how do you get there? Busy schedules and personality differences can make “working together” seem like a big challenge. Thankfully, you can develop a practice to pull everyone together, have fun, and build wisdom.

In today’s podcast, Corrie and Alan Thetford (Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) for a conversation about the positive impacts of family meetings. The discussion offers real-life examples and practical steps for family meetings with kids of any age (think toddlers to college students!).

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • the many reasons why family meetings are a big win
  • how to set a light-hearted and fun tone for a family meeting and focus on connection
  • four steps to solve a problem using family teamwork
  • that family meetings are a safe, predictable place to practice for real-life situations and scenarios your kids may encounter
  • wisdom for replacing nagging with curious questions

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Guest Bio:

Corrie and Alan Thetford have four children and are Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches as well as instructors for CF coaches-in-training. They are passionate about multiplying the gospel by helping families transform power struggles and conflicts into opportunities for gospel messages.

Less arguing. More wisdom.

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