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Online Parenting Courses

Parent with confidence.
Lead with grace.

No matter your personal strengths and weaknesses, we know parenting isn’t easy. Whether you consistently give in when you should hold firm, or you struggle with losing control of your temper, all of us desire to parent better.

That’s what these online courses are about.

Connected Families invites you to deepen your relationship with your kids and sharpen your skills as a parent. Committing to learn more and practice better responses will benefit your whole family. Take a look at the online parenting courses we currently offer, and consider which option is right for your family.

Our Online Courses

A Grace-Filled Approach to Misbehavior
Growing Hard Work & Gratitude in Your Kids
Less Arguing. More Wisdom.
Equipping You for Resilient Parenting
From Bickering to Bonding
Navigating Parenting Challenges With Purpose and Hope

Individual Courses vs Small Group Option

Because we believe parenting is better in community, all of our online courses can also be taken together as part of a small group. If you have a small group in your community, you have the option of purchasing an online course together and going through it in our small group format.

Individual Courses

  • Work at your own pace
  • Take alone or with your spouse
  • Spend more time on sections you need to spend more time on
  • Moderation and interactions with others taking the same courses as you

Small Group Courses

  • Take with your own community that you see in real life
  • Can go through course materials online individually or together in person
  • Private portal for your small group
  • Pace each other as your pursue growth in parenting

Got a small group?

Let us provide the small group curriculum.