Discipline That Connects Online Course

For Small Groups

Eight group sessions that will bring peace, connection, and grace to your home.

Discipline That Connects Online Course

For Small Groups

Eight group sessions that will bring peace, connection, and grace to your home.

Discipline That Connects - Online Course

Stuck in a Negative Parenting Cycle?

You’re not alone. Many parents struggle to find a positive approach to discipline. Do these situations sound familiar?

I have a gnawing sense there must be a better way to discipline.


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There is! Discover a very effective approach to discipline through this course.

I’ve tried the popular “quick fix” approaches, but haven’t found one that lasts.


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Grow your family for a lifetime with a biblically based approach to discipline.

My spouse and I parent from a different playbook. This creates tension between us.

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Learn to be on the same page and replace the tension with peace.

Try a Profound Parenting Approach

The Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart online course is a simple but profound parenting approach that builds authentic trust and respect in families.

When taken in a small group setting the experience is enriched and offers opportunities for support and growth. You can debrief after each session together, share thoughts and ideas, and encourage one another as you start implementing the principles.

Since 1993, Jim and Lynne Jackson have taught this easy-to-remember framework to thousands of parents in live workshops and private coaching, equipping them to live out God’s grace and truth — especially in the discipline of their children.

Now you can bring this framework to your group through an accessible, eight-session course called Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart.

Learn at your group's pace, when and where you want, and benefit from the same transformational content that has encouraged and changed the lives of countless parents and families.

Connected Families Framework

Curious if the online course is right for your small group?

Read how it impacted these small group leaders and group members.

"After taking the DTC online course for myself I felt compelled to pass on the valuable, life changing strategies to others. Each day I mentor kids from broken, chaotic homes. I have shared the strategies with parents and they love the results. I am now facilitating a small group so that I can continue to reach our community who is desperate to parent differently. This course is meeting their needs and equipping them to parent different."

Bonnie Williams
Mom of three teenagers, public school mentor, church youth leader.

"Thanks for all of your help the last few months and being accessible for questions. We are excited to provide a biblical life-changing parenting course to the parents in our group."

Jerry and Anne -
Small group leaders and parents of four

"We were so pleased with the biblical and practical ways we could try something new each week! Many moms shared with me that they wanted to parent differently than their parents had and this series gave them permission and pictures of how to do that. It's delightful to have 'new language' in our community to encourage one another as parents, and love our children well."

Heidi Connors
Minister to Children and their Families - Hope Presbyterian Church - Richfield, MN

Ready to Get Unstuck from that negative parenting cycle?

When you take the course as a group you will all gain:

Freedom from negative parenting patterns

A clear sense of purpose and confidence

Practical parenting tools that build lifelong character

The joy of seeing their kids grow in wisdom and respect

The ability to see God’s grace like never before

Eight sessions that will change your group’s parenting for good

Session 1: A Fresh Perspective on Discipline

Session 2: You Are SAFE With Me - What’s Going on in Me?

Session 3: You Are SAFE With Me - Keep Discipline On Track

Session 4: You Are LOVED No Matter What!

Session 5: You are CALLED and CAPABLE - Discover and Affirm Capability

Session 6: You are CALLED and CAPABLE - Grow Skills and Wisdom

Session 7: You are RESPONSIBLE for Your Actions

Session 8: All Four Messages Working Together

The difference between the two options:

Individual Course

  • Runs just twice a year (winter and fall).
  • Comments are encouraged.
  • There is a moderator supporting your experience.
  • There are 3 live Q & As with Jim and Lynne.
  • Emails encourage students to complete that week's session.
  • While you will always have access to the streaming videos, we encourage students to start and finish in the 8 weeks we are moderating the course. 

Small Group Course

  • Groups can start anytime.
  • Commenting is turned off.
  • No course moderator, although you can always email us with questions. 
  • Same content
  • Same workbook is available for purchase or download
  • Group members all get forever access to the course videos to watch on their schedule. 

Signing Your Group Up Is Easy

Start Planning

As a group, decide on dates and times to meet and watch the videos together.

Register Your Group

Sign up and gain immediate access to the course online.

Transform Your Parenting Together

Support and encourage each other as you start implementing the framework and celebrate the successes together!

Register Now and Receive:

Access to the online course

Watch the course with your group. All you have to do is press play.

Access to us

Direct your questions to us at any point.

Discount code on the DTC book

Use this discount code to purchase copies of the DTC book at an exclusive price. Feel free to share it with your group members. You don’t need the book to go through the online course.


Leaders guide, pdf course workbook, marketing material, Dig Deeper devotional and many extra resources.

  • DTC BOOK: While the DTC book is a great companion to the online course, it is not essential.
  • PRINTED WORKBOOK: The PDF Course Workbook is available by download. Printed copies can be purchased on our resource page for a nominal fee.

Your group members will get their own lifetime access at no extra charge

Each of your group members will be able to catch up on a session they missed or go back to a video for review at any point by setting up their own account. Having their own account will also give them access to the many, extra resources we house online. Information on how to pass this on will be found in the welcome email for small group leaders.

Our money-back guarantee

If at any time you find this course is not right for your group, simply contact us during your first month for a full refund.

Register Your Group

Multiple pricing options, based on the size of your group.

$150, $200, $250

Lots of Flexibility

You can set your group up to take the course completely together or semi-virtually. The online videos and accompanying workbook provide all the content.

Need Help?

You're not alone! You have direct access to us. We are here to answer questions at any point. We’ve worked to make the course as simple to lead as possible. During the group sessions, you manage the play button, and facilitate the discussion times.

A Sacred Journey

It is a sacred journey to parent the children God has given us. You are making a huge investment in the lives of your group members, their children, and future generations.

We are excited to partner with you!

We are excited to partner with you as you lead others on this parenting journey. Questions? Contact us and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours.

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