Sibling Conflict Online Course

For Small Groups


Sibling Conflict Online Course

For Small Groups


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Think back with us....

Did you imagine your kids would be best friends, with a house full of laughter, fun, and cute memory-making moments? And yet, here you are, struggling with constant fighting, badgering, and teasing. 

What if you could use the inevitable conflict between kids to actually strengthen their relationship and equip them for great relationships throughout life? It IS possible!

Your group members will gain:

  • A new vision for relationships in  their family.
  • Ideas for what to ask or say in the heat of the moment.
  • Practical examples from real life.
  • An understanding of the role of God's grace in conflict.
  • Ideas for showing kids how to settle conflicts on their own!

This course was made for small groups!

When you register your group, you'll have immediate access to the online videos. This course takes little to no preparation on your part. The pdf workbook is included - no extra materials are needed.

Your group members will all be given access to the online material so they can refer back at any time

Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, teach a brilliantly simple tool called The Peace Process. This process has equipped thousands of parents to constructively guide their kids to solve conflicts well.

Parents love The Peace Process because it is practical and easy to understand and implement. Kids love it because it empowers them to work through their conflicts and feel good about it! As one young girl said, "Daddy, don't send Austin to time out. Let's do the Peace Process!" And everyone, regardless of age, have found these principles helpful because they are memorable and doable.

These guiding principles give kids a way to mend a broken relationship and make things right with each other. Rather than a forced apology, The Peace Process teaches kids how to reconcile well. The skills learned will follow them well into adulthood.

peace process

Curious if the online course is right for your small group?

Read how it impacted these small group leaders and group members.

"Thanks for all of your help the last few months and being accessible for questions. We are excited to provide a biblical life-changing parenting course to the parents in our group."
Jerry & Anne, small group leaders & parents of four

"It's been about a year since I went through this course with a small group. I'm so glad that we have on-going access! I find myself logging back in to review the videos and notes. It's been so helpful and encouraging!" 
Teresa, mom of four from Minneapolis

Ready to give up your job as referee?

Five sessions that will transform the way you think about conflict forever

Session 1: Getting “Unstuck” from Sibling Conflict

Session 2: Taking the Step from Crazy Mountain to Calm

Session 3: Building Understanding Around Sibling Conflict

Session 4: Facilitating True Conflict Resolution

Session 5: The Superpower of Celebration

The difference between the two options:

Individual Course

  • Anyone can sign up anytime.
  • Comments are encouraged.
  • There is a moderator supporting your experience.
  • Emails encourage students to complete that week's session.

Small Group Course

  • Groups can start anytime.
  • Commenting is turned off.
  • No course moderator, although you can always email us with questions. 
  • Same content
  • Same workbook is available for download
  • Group members all get forever access to the course videos to watch on their schedule. 

Signing Your Group Up Is Easy

Start Planning

As a group, decide on dates and times to meet and watch the videos together.

Register Your Group

Sign up and gain immediate access to the course online.

Transform Your Parenting Together

Support and encourage each other as you start implementing The Peace Process and celebrate the successes together!

Register Now and Receive:

Access to the online course

Watch the course with your group. All you have to do is press play.

Access to us

Direct your questions to us at any point.


As a group leader, you'll receive:

Leader's guide
Style guide so you can customize your marketing 


Your group members will get their own lifetime access at no extra charge

Each of your group members will be able to catch up on a session they missed or go back to a video for review at any point by setting up their own account. Having their own account will also give them access to the many, extra resources we house online. 

Our money-back guarantee

If you find this course is not right for your group, simply contact us during your first month for a full refund.

Register Your Group

Multiple pricing options, based on the size of your group.

$100, $150, $200

The pricing options above are suggestions. If this is out of range for the families you work with, contact us

Lots of Flexibility

You can set your group up to take the course completely together or semi-virtually. The online videos and accompanying workbook provide all the content.

Need Help?

You're not alone! You have direct access to us. We are here to answer questions at any point. We’ve worked to make the course as simple to lead as possible. During the group sessions, you manage the play button, and facilitate the discussion times.

A Sacred Journey

It is a sacred journey to parent the children God has given us. You are making a huge investment in the lives of your group members, their children, and future generations.

We are excited to partner with you!

We are excited to partner with you as you lead others on this parenting journey. Questions? Contact us and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours.

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