How to Influence Kids’ Technology Use

Parents are constantly asking us about the best ways to manage their kids’ technology use. They generally want answers about what technology they can use to monitor and control things.

But kids are far smarter than most of their parents will ever be about using technology. So we very much agree with Dr. Charles Fay, lifelong Child Psychologist and parent educator who says:

“Real solutions to technology issues have little to do with technology… and almost
everything to do with relationships.”

What this really means is that kids can get around any limits, controls, or software parents put in place. If you really want your kids to learn to responsibly use technology, the nature of your relationships with them has more to do with it than anything else.

What example are you setting? How are you talking about your own challenges to use technology well? How are you having constructive and light-hearted conversations about technology use? How are you involving your kids in conversations about addressing well the temptations all of us have in using technology? Then, what limits are you putting in place and how are your kids understanding those limits?

For grace and truth to invade the technology challenge, this kind of thinking and process is required.

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