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How Authentic Community Can Equip Parents to Thrive | Ep. 179

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In this meaningful conversation, we talk to dads Matt Norman (author and President & CEO of Norman & Associates) and Jim Jackson (Connected Families Co-Founder) about their experiences with authentic, vulnerable community. Matt shares his personal journey of seeking more meaningful connections while balancing the demands of marriage, parenting, and his career. He describes the evolution of his small group, which started as a way to socialize and study but grew into a space for supportive and sensitive sharing. Jim emphasizes the power of asking questions and genuinely seeking to understand others, rather than just offering opinions or advice. Both men reflect on the positive impact their authentic community has had on their personal growth, relationships, and even their children’s development.

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Guest Bio:

Matt Norman coaches and advises executives on how to build great people and culture. He is President & CEO of Norman & Associates, which offers custom coaching and consulting in the areas of talent strategy, personal effectiveness, planning, and goal alignment. Norman & Associates is also the largest North American provider of Dale Carnegie learning programs which help people improve how they communicate, lead, influence, and work together. He’s also the award-winning author of Four Patterns of Healthy People, and Lead with Influence: A Proven Process to Lead without Authority. Matt loves being a husband and father of three, enjoying shared activities like skiing, mountain biking, trail running, and music. You can find his articles on personal and organizational effectiveness at http://mattnorman.com.

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