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Season 3- 2021

Episode 67- June 21, 2021-My Kid is Looking at Porn

Episode 66- June 14, 2021- Setting Boundaries with Screens

Episode 65– June 7, 2021 How to Leave a Legacy

Episode 64– May 31, 2021 Help! My Child is Violent!

Episode 63– May 27, 2021 What’s the Best Way to Handle Shared Parenting?

Episode 62– May 24, 2021 Being a Single Mom is Exhausting

Episode 61– May 3, 2021 – Grace and Truth for Moms (re-run of Lynne Jackson on Don’t Mom Alone with Heather MacFadyen)

Episode 60– April 26, 2021 – Teach Your Child to Pray

Episode 59– April 21, 2021 – My Child Won’t Talk to Me

Episode 58– April 14, 2021 – Your Child is Melting Down in Public

Episode 57– March 24, 2021- My Child Quits Everything

Episode 56– March 17, 2021-How to Raise Overcomers

Episode 55– March 10, 2021 – Kids Struggling to Sleep? Here’s How to Equip Them to Sleep Well

Episode 54– February 25, 2021- How to Take Advantage of Sibling Rivalry to Explain Emotions and Feelings to a Child

Episode 53– February 17, 2021- The Power of Empathy: How to Teach Your Child to “Feel Another’s Feelings”

Episode 52– February 10, 2021- Thinking About How to Fix Your Marriage? Try This.

Discipline That Connects Series:

Season 2-2020

Adoption and Foster Care

Discipline That Connects Series

Parenting and Anxiety Series

The Power of Questions Series

COVID 19 Series

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Our Parenting Framework Series

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Discipline That Connects Series

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