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Max Lucado: Just In Case You Ever Feel Alone | Ep. 172

ever feel alone

Join us for a heartfelt conversation with Max Lucado about loneliness and his new children’s book, Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness are increasingly common, and the need for meaningful connection and reassurance is becoming more pressing than ever. In our recent conversation with pastor and author Max Lucado, we shared that 61% of Americans and an overwhelming 80% of those under 18 report experiences of loneliness. This growing epidemic of feeling isolated not only affects our mental health but also touches our spiritual well-being.

In the midst of this reality, in his gentle style, Max offers insights into the nature of loneliness and asks us to consider it from a spiritual perspective. He emphasizes the value of equipping young children with the vocabulary to express this complex emotion. His latest children’s book, Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone, helps children better understand that loneliness is a shared human experience.

Pastor Max encourages people experiencing loneliness to pray using scripture, and he highlights the promises of Hebrews 13:5, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you,” and Matthew 28:20, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” These biblical assurances are not just words but anchors for the soul that offer stability and hope.

To wrap up the conversation, Pastor Max read a passage from his book for our listeners. Through the tender narrative, his words aim to reassure young readers of the comforting presence of their parents and caregivers, as well as God, who is always with them. His words serve as a gentle reminder that no matter how isolated we may feel, we are all continually held in God’s care.

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Guest Bio:

Max Lucado is known for combining poetic storytelling and homespun humor with
the heart of a pastor. His trade books all begin as sermon series at Oak Hills Church,
and his sermons all start with Max asking himself this question: “What can I say on
Sunday that will still matter on Monday?” He’s been dubbed “America’s Pastor” by
Christianity Today, “The Best Preacher in America” by Reader’s Digest, and the “Ted
Lasso of Pastors” by the Dallas Morning News. Max Lucado has penned more than 40
works of adult nonfiction, standing alongside dozens and dozens of bestselling
children’s books, gift books, Bible studies, commentaries, and collections. His books
have been published in 56 languages worldwide and regularly appear on bestseller
lists, including The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today. He has more
than 150 million products in print published in 56 languages worldwide. Learn more at

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