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Joyful Kids: What’s the Secret? | Ep. 183

joyful kids

Chris Coursey, author of 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids, joins us to discuss why joyful kids are joyful and what you can do.

Do you feel like you’re often focused on problems and operating out of fear of what may happen? Chris explains how joy can give families the strength to navigate difficulties and overcome fear. He shares a personal story of overcoming fear-based parenting and unpacks the first habit of raising joy-filled kids: attunement. Chris emphasizes that taking care of yourself nurtures your joy and directly benefits the entire family. Listen in and learn how to grow joy in your home!

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Guest Bio:

For over 30 years, Chris has been developing and practicing brain-based solutions to train people, families, and communities to make relationships work. Chris started his career specializing in severe trauma and abuse and also pastored a small congregation in Michigan for several years. Chris is a published author with over ten books in print, including The Joy Switch. He co-authored his most recent book, The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People.

Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Jen, and their two sons, Matthew and Andrew. In addition to studying, writing, jogging, and exercising, he enjoys the outdoors and is one of the rare people who actually likes the snow in Michigan.

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