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I love that you are not content to provide parents with a framework that helps them parent more calmly or respectfully or with more connection. Those are good things, but you are not satisfied to leave parents there. You are about true discipleship, and you continue to push us deeper to address our hearts toward our children. Thank you for exhorting me to not settle for outwardly safer parenting but to obey the command of our Lord to love others by parenting out of love for my children instead of love for myself.

Annie Thompson scaled

Annie Thompson

Mom of Four

I’ve found you late in parenting life and whilst I wished I had found you so long ago, you are my answer to prayer. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. I didn’t even know I was parenting in fear until you nailed me with one of your blogs. That’s been my whole parenting journey. I can only take in so much before getting overwhelmed, but I wanted to say thank you for being so very real and also practical. Thank you Stacy, for hosting so well.

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Mum of Two Teenagers in Western Australia