How Parents Can Help to Prevent Bullying

Worried that bullying may be a part of your child’s life?  Worried they could be the one that is the bully?  Feeling helpless about what to do? Here are a few tips to help you think about what you as a parent can do to to prevent bullying.

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Bully?

When we see kids misbehave, often we ask “Where on earth did they learn that?” The problem — and the solution — is that often they learn it from us! Take a moment to ponder how your actions may be teaching your kids to bully, and what you can do about it.

The Diamond in the Rough of Bullying

It can be easy to blow your top when you hear your child is being bullied. But could there ever be anything good about bullying? Come along with us as we walk through a graceful response to bullying.

Uncommon Thoughts about Bullying

How did Jim stop the bullying of his eldest son? It isn’t what you would expect…

When Kids Fight

Sometimes kids just fight. It’s a part of life. But helping kids learn to navigate conflict in a healthy and constructive way can set them up to practice habits of problem-solving rather than bullying to “win” and get their way.

Dealing with Rejection: A Surprising Use for a $20 Bill

Whether through bullying or through other life circumstances, at some point your child will have to deal with rejection. Teach them where their value really comes from with this creative activity.

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