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How the Peace Process Can Guide the Whole Family

Eric and Heather 1

Erik and Heather took our Sibling Conflict Online Course and were kind enough to share with us some of the things they learned and implemented with their own family of seven.

“The Peace Process” is the method we teach to encourage kids to resolve conflicts with wisdom. Erik and Heather especially loved how they were able to use The Peace Process and see positive results in their own home pretty quickly. Heather notes, “we are still a work in progress,” but how inspiring to see a family who is growing together in peace and connection! Actually, part of raising a family is being willing to be a work in progress! So, we applaud families like Erik and Heather’s for their willingness to keep learning and keep trying new things.

Connected Families asked Heather to share about their experience

CF: Could you give me an overview about your experience with the online course and how it impacted your family?
Heather: We have certainly tried to implement The Peace Process. And while everyone is still learning, it is helpful to have a plan on how to resolve conflicts. We feel by teaching this process to our kids at a young age, they will be more likely to be resolve conflicts as they get older as well as now. It also really has helped us to pause and think about the other person.

CF: Do you have any good stories/outcomes you would like to share?
Heather: The celebration part of the Peace Process has been so fun to see what the kiddos come up with on their own. Sometimes it is as simple as “high-fives” and other times it is our daughter deciding to tackle her brothers and kiss them on the cheek.

CF: How user friendly was the course? What did you like most about taking it?
Heather: The course was GREAT! With five kids, it is really hard for us to get away so having this course be available online is a HUGE benefit! We are eager to go though the Sibling Conflict and Discipline that Connects courses again. We really want to have these concepts seared into our daily routines, mindsets, and lives.

Do you want more peace at home?

And for your kids to enjoy each other?

And to reconcile when they hurt each other?

If peace is your goal, take the Sibling Conflict online course.


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