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Group Coaching Conversations

You took the Discipline That Connects online course and feel like you just went through boot camp. As one mom said, “I am trying to implement what I have learned but I feel exhausted. It’s kind of like how your body feels when you start a new workout program. But I am determined to persevere!”

We want to offer assistance. Not only our assistance, but the assistance of 4 others all in the same boat, “determined to persevere.”

Our goal is to support you in the places that you want to change in your parenting. With the guidance of a Connected Families certified parent coach you will be challenged and encouraged to persevere and grow in your parenting journey. With only 4 other parents/couples in the group, there will be plenty of time for sharing what has been working, challenges that are being faced, and learning together to become the parent you want to be.  

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About Group Coaching Conversations

Group Coaching Conversations is a small group that meets online for parents with kids between the ages of 7 to 16. These parents want to work through how to best implement the learning from the Discipline that Connects online course. With the support of a Connected Families parent coach, you and four other dedicated parents/couples in the group will meet online through zoom video technology.

Group time will consist of guided conversation and will include:

  • Content from the Discipline That Connects online course
  • Discussion
  • Personal Action Steps

Some preparation will be required before each session.

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Group Coaching Conversations is for parents who are committed to attending each session, who want to learn and grow in a supportive environment and who are interested in supporting others in their parenting. Each session will have a unique theme while connecting parents who have similar parenting goals in utilizing the Connected Families framework. Together we will take big steps forward in seeing the changes you desire for yourself and your family.

Group Coaching Conversation participants receive:

  • guided conversations with a Connected Families certified coach
  • support and accountability from other parents who are working to apply CF principles
  • ideas, tips and tools on how to practically implement the CF principles in the challenges of family life
  • additional resources.

There will be TWO groups starting soon!

Each group has 5 spots open. One spot can be an individual parent or a couple.

Group #1 with Stacy Bellward
8 to 9 pm Central Time
#1: Tuesday, May 14
#2: Tuesday, May 28
#3: Tuesday, June 11
#4: Tuesday, June 25

Stacy Bellward has walked thousands of parents through all of Connected Families online courses - encouraging them, asking thoughtful questions and nudging them toward new thinking. Her favorite is finding and celebrating the small wins with parents.

Stacy is an ICF certified leadership coach, Bible Study teacher, award winning author, and mom raising 2 teen girls. About these group coaching sessions she says,  “I loved moderating the online course! This is the next step for those who are working out how to make this a habit. I also think small groups give a particular turbo boost to the process. Can’t wait to meet you online - over video this time!”

Group #2 with Chad Hayenga
8 to 9 pm Central Time
#1: Wednesday, May 8
#2: Wednesday, May 22
#3: Wednesday, June 5
#4: Wednesday, June 19

Chad Hayenga has been married for over twenty-five years and has three daughters; two young adults and a high schooler. Chad has spent over 20 years ministering to teens and families as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Life Coach, and speaker. After a number of years of providing therapy for teens he began coaching parents in 2012 in an effort to help more kids AND parents grow in God’s grace and truth.

Ready to get started?

  • 1


    Apply for group coaching by April 30th. 5 spots for each group. 10 spots total.

  • 2


    Once you’ve received confirmation, submit payment by May 7.

  • 3


    Put all session dates on your calendar. Start prepping for session 1 by reviewing your DTC material.

Questions You Might Have

What will the 4 conversations include?

Conversation 1:
What's better since the Discipline That Connects Course? How have you grown? What areas are you still getting hung up on? .

Conversation 2:
What is going on in me? How have you implemented “slow, low and listen”? How have you turned “toxic beliefs” into “grace-filled truths”? What difference has it made? Where are you stuck?

Conversation 3:
What are my child’s gifts gone awry?  What can you affirm even when your child is struggling? Do you have a vision for how God could use your child’s unique gifts? How can you encourage the gifts without enabling the misbehavior to continue?

Conversation 4:
How can I effectively hold my kids accountable? How can I make basic expectations as clear as possible? What questions can I use to help my child grow in their capacity to take responsibility for themselves? What consequences will help them learn and grow?

What are the basic expectations?


  • Completion of the most recent Discipline that Connects Online Course (Feb/March 2019)
  • Ability to attend each of the four scheduled sessions
  • Willingness to share personal application of the CF parenting framework
  • Offer support and encouragement to other parents
  • Work well with others

What is my investment?


  • $175 one-time payment. (USD)
  • My commitment to participate in 4 live video calls
  • Engagement in ‘FB’ private community, sharing questions, ideas, and goals
  • Willingness to share personal application of the CF parenting framework
  • Offer support and encouragement to other parents

What if I can’t make it to a session?

Our best hope is that you would make a commitment to all sessions. If something comes up and you aren’t able to be there, we will supply the recording of the session for you.

What will each session be like?

Each session will be encouraging and resourceful.  At the same time you will be connecting with others who want to apply the Connect Families principles to their parenting journey. Together we will take big steps forward in seeing the changes you desire in your parenting and family.

Sessions will consist of guided conversation around content from the Discipline That Connects Course, Discussion, and Personal Action Steps. Some preparation will be required before each session.

Why is there an application process?

The application process helps us to group people in ways that best benefit everyone’s learning and growth.

What do I get?


  • 4 live-stream Group Coaching Conversations with a group of 5 parents and a certified coach,
  • Each Coaching Conversation is 60 minutes of dialogue/ Q&A (via Zoom Meeting)
  • 25% discount on a single coaching session with Chad Hayenga (following the 4 sessions)
  • Private online community (via FB) to collaborate with Stacy, Chad, and the group
  • Support and accountability from other parents who are working to apply CF principles
  • Additional resources from our individual parent coaching workbook
  • Access to recorded video sessions

Who is this for?

  • Alumni of the Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart online course.
  • Parents who have children from 7-16 years old.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you show up for all four sessions, are actively engaged, and feel like it was not worth your investment, please let us know!

This is the first time we’ve offered group coaching and we want to learn from you. We would be happy to offer a full refund if you feel that your time and money was not well spent.  

How does the video portion of the call work?

We will be using Zoom to host our video calls. You need an updated computer which has a camera and a mic. We will send you an email invitation to each meeting. Then, 5 min before the call starts click on the link to be taken to the “meeting room.”  Simple.

Plan to be in a quiet space for the hour long call. Background noise is distracting for others on the call.

What is my commitment?

You will be committing to attend each of the 4 Group Coaching Conversations online, use the Facebook group to connect with group members between sessions. Support and encourage others in the group by participating in the conversation.  Be willing to share some of the struggles and wins you are seeing as you implement the Discipline That Connects framework. Some preparation will be required before each session.

How do I get started?

Fill out the application form below. We look forward to connecting with you to help you become the parent you desire to be! Please let us know if you have any questions.

More questions?

Email Stacy Bellward at stacy @ 

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