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Hope & Healing for Your Sensitive or Intense Child | Ep.163

Jarrett and Luisa Wendt Ep 163 1

Listen in as Stacy chats with parent coaches Jarrett & Luisa Wendt about the parenting course that has equipped them to understand and help their sensitive children.

In today’s episode, Jarrett & Luisa Wendt (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) talk with our host, Stacy Bellward, about the daily meltdowns, sleep issues, stress, and discouragement their family has experienced. Then, they share how they found hope and healing through the Sensitive & Intense Kids online course. Jarrett & Luisa discuss the tools they’ve learned to help their kids regulate and how they’re sustaining positive progress. If you have a sensitive or intense child, you’ll be encouraged by their story and inspired by their persistence to build a safe, connected family with Christ as the foundation.

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Guest Bio:

Jarrett and Luisa Wendt are Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches. They have a beautiful family of six children, three in Heaven and three on Earth. Two of their precious children were born into their family through adoption. During a very challenging season, Connected Families led them (and continues to lead them) toward hope, grace, and truth. Together, they have a ministry called Built on Rock Parent Coaching which was born out of the deep desire to pass on that same hope, grace, and truth to as many families as God leads them to! Luisa was joyfully promoted to becoming a stay-at-home Mom after more than a decade of teaching music in the classroom, while Jarrett serves the church in theology and pastoral ministry. For more about their story, ministry, and cute photos, head to their website: www.builtonrockparentcoaching.org

Sensitive kids with angry outburst can also have intense happy energy.

Do you have a child with EXTRA needs?

Parenting isn’t easy, but when you’ve got an extra INTENSE or SENSITIVE child with big feelings… it’s even harder.

The Sensitive and Intense Kids online course will equip you to parent well, even with these unique kiddos.

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