Connected Families Coaching Certification Program

Learn to guide parents into peace and connection in their homes

Which of these describe you?

  1. You already have a coaching certification or practice and want to incorporate the Connected Families Framework into your work. 
  2. You are a trained counselor or work in human services and desire to offer a focused coaching element, using the Connected Families Framework, to your clients.
  3. You are serving families in a ministry setting and want to bring a coaching lens to your conversations. 

We can help you with that!

A Connected Families parent coach comes alongside parents for a season of time to inspire and equip them using our biblically-based framework. Coaching is a forward-focused approach that identifies where a family is currently while encouraging and providing tools to help them reach their preferred future.

Minimum experience/educational requirements: 

  • Bachelor's degree in human services/OT/education/ministry. Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Preferred: Counseling Degree/Coaching certification
  • Parent for at least 5 years (exceptions considered)
  • Agree with the Connected Families Statement of Faith

Why coaching?

Learn why Connected Families offers coaching rather than therapy in this article by Chad Hayenga





  • Grow as a parent while you investigate if Parent Coaching, using the Connected Families Framework, is right for you.



  • Duration - 8 months
  • Next cohort begins October 2021! 
  • Cost - $1200


  • Record 4 coaching sessions and submit to CF parent coach for encouragement and feedback.*
  • Eight check-in meetings during the 8 month cohort (approx 2 hours each).*


  • Personalized feedback (on the 4 recorded sessions) to encourage, challenge, and further equip you in your parent coaching.
  • Ongoing access to CF staff via email.
  • Access to the CF parent workbook to use in your practice. 




  • Regular check-in meetings on an on-going basis with a minimum of four required.*


  • Listed on our website as a CF Certified Coach with a link to your website. 
  • Email support as needed.
  • CF certified parent coach logo for your website.
  • Access to the CF parent workbook to use in your practice. 
  • Ambassador status with compensation for products sold and/or reduced rates for CF products.

* required to maintain your certified status

Ready to get started?

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    Show your interest by filling out the Contact Us form. 

  • 2


    Connect with Chad Hayenga by phone or email. 

  • 3


    Start in on Phase 1 after talking through the details with Chad. 

  • 4


    Invest in the lives of parents and families through our CF Coaching Program. 

Questions You Might Have

Six months is a guide for how long we think the certification program should take. If you need more time, let us know and we will seek to find a solution.

As soon as we receive your application and payment we will send both Discipline That Connects and How to Grow a Connected Family. If you already have these books you may pass them along to encourage another parent.

If you live internationally we will work with you on a case by case basis. 


If you’ve already taken the course, great job! You are on your way! If you haven’t we will give you a special code to access the course for free (included in your phase 1 payment). We are unable to reduce the cost of phase 1 if you’ve already paid for and taken the course.

If you’ve paid for a four-session coaching package in the last two years, we will reduce Phase 1 costs by the amount you paid.

At Connected Families we have a suggested rate of $480 for a four-session coaching package. As an individual practitioner you can set your own rate based on your experience, clientele, location, etc.

The certification program equips you to work effectively with parents. If you are certified, we will endorse you on our website. You will need to network and find your own clients.

We offer two scholarships per year (application coming soon!) for those who are in ministry with underserved people groups either in the United States or internationally. Requirement for ongoing scholarship and certification is that you may not charge for your services. If you choose to begin charging, we’ll ask that you pay the phase 3 amount annually.

If you are gaining parent coaching clients by promoting yourself as a Connected Families certified parent coach we would expect that you stick closely to the framework. It is important to us that we keep the essence and fidelity of our framework. We would desire and expect that you would add your personal anecdotes and tweaks that truly make it your own while maintaining the core of the CF Framework. The CF coaching workbook easily guides the coaching conversations.

The four-session coaching package with a CF coach is required for all who enter the certification process. It is helpful on the parenting front but also helps potential coaches get a strong sense about whether it’s a good fit. We also work to screen potential coaches to make sure it is beneficial for all!

If you begin Phase 2 in April, we would ask that you pay annually each year in April. We’ll send an invoice annually as a reminder.

During your first year of certification, you’ll meet 8 times through video platform with Chad Hayenga and/or Lynne Jackson along with other parent coaches who are going through the certification process. These are 90 minutes in length and are interactive. They are intended to cement what you’ve learned, be an encouragement to your practice, while also growing your toolkit.

Absolutely not! You can use your coaching certification however you see fit.  However, we do believe it is a valuable resource and is worth charging at the minimum a nominal fee for your expertise and time.

Churches might consider investing in a key lay-leader to become their certified CF Parent Coach.

For quality assurance purposes we request that coaches stay in Phase 3 for a minimum of two years. After that time coaches are encouraged to continue with Phase 3. However, if you choose to no longer participate your name and website link will be removed from our website. You may still use all you’ve learned in your practice and you can continue to call yourself a CF Certified Coach.

Yes! However, we would ask that you plan ahead and let us know that is your intention rather than retroactively ask for your status to be moved to inactive. Due to administrative complexities, we will be unable to reimburse your annual certification fee.

More questions?