Prayer for Parents

You have finished your coaching sessions and you still have some lingering issues that seem to be deeper and more ingrained than perhaps you had thought. Family and generational patterns may still exist and no amount of effort seems to help.

Prayer for Parents may be a beneficial next step. Sometimes we experience strongholds that keep us stuck. Maybe it’s anger or anxiety and we can’t quite get free from its power. It’s even impacting the way we parent our kids. And we feel hopeless. There may be many reasons we struggle but, unfortunately, spiritual strongholds are the last thing we consider. Prayer for Parents is designed to help explore the roots behind some of these conflicts and discover freedom from spiritual bondage.

See how Prayer for Parents transformed these families:

I have seen AMAZING changes in my husband since our prayer times with Carma and Chad. He is more confident when he prays, he prays out loud and he does so OFTEN! He now stops and prays with me before trying to just fix things! He has opened his heart to the Spirit's leading.
- Mom of 2 kids

Praying with Carma and Chad made a huge difference in the struggle our marriage was going through at that time.  It brought relief and unity.
- Parents of 3 girls

Chad Hayenga is a Marriage and Family Therapist and certified life coach with a background counseling struggling youth and familiesCarma Hayenga is an intercessor with a deep passion to see families changed through the power of prayer.

Combining their skills, and trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to effect change, they have seen people experience incredible spiritual freedom.

Chad and Carma prefer meeting in person whenever possible but utilize Skype for meetings outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Sessions are generally 90 minutes in length and scheduled about one month apart.  Four sessions are generally recommended but could be modified depending on the specific circumstances.

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