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Learn the Connected Families Framework

If you’re new to Connected Families (or just need a refresher), get our free ebook, 4 Messages Every Child Longs to Hear, on the four messages of the Connected Families Framework. Let grace and truth work in your home.

As a Christ-centered, research-informed, trauma-sensitive parenting organization, you will find support, hope, and healing for your family. Everything you need to parent with confidence and lead with grace can be found here. From in-depth ebooks, online courses, podcasts, articles, and coaching, we will walk with you every step of the way.

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Learn the Connected Families Framework

This framework was created using principles of brain science, biblical teaching, and years of personal and professional experience. It will equip you to love your kids unconditionally while teaching them to take responsibility for their actions.

“The framework can be comprehended in 5 minutes but can be practiced and refined for a lifetime because of its comprehensive understanding of people and the gospel.”

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FOUNDATION: You are SAFE with me

Our default reaction is to respond quickly to misbehavior. However, it’s essential to build on a foundation of safety. Remember to ask the question, “What’s going on in me?”  in order to respond in an emotionally safe way to our kids’ inevitable struggles.

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CONNECT: You are LOVED no matter what

Connect before you correct. Connect while you correct. Even connect while your child is misbehaving. This is an amazing opportunity to show unconditional love, and it is absolutely radical and counter-cultural.

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Set your kids up for success by identifying their strengths and teaching them how to use them wisely. Meet your kids like a coach on a sports field and practice outside of the heat of the moment. Learn to build wisdom with great questions.

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CORRECT: You are RESPONSIBLE for your actions

Guess what? Despite your solid parenting, your kids will still misbehave because they’re not perfect. Learn how to hold kids accountable and teach wisdom rather than being punitive in your response to misbehavior. You can teach your child to reconcile well and learn from their mistakes.

Ready to dive in and learn more about the Framework?

Our 8-session online course, Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart will guide you through each level of the Framework. If you’re looking for a grace-filled way to parent, this course is for you!

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Take the 8-session online course Discipline That Connects With Your Child’s Heart .