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Are You Present with Your Kids

Are You “Present” with Your Kids?

Most of us would agree there are many theories on the best way to educate our children.  There’s public schools, private schools, charter schools, home schools, co-ops, and any combination of these!  Regardless of which paradigm you have for the best…

Why Your Discipline Often Backfires 1 1

Why Your Discipline Often Backfires

Jayden has been struggling to sit still at the table. Each time he gets antsy he gets a warning. “If you keep that up you’ll get a time out!” He settles down for a moment and dinner carries on. But…

Why Do Kids Tantrum

Why Do Kids Tantrum?

Simply stated, kids have tantrums because they pay off. In some convoluted sort of way they get what they want. Even if it means they lose their cool and wear themselves out. The challenge for a parent is determining what exactly a…