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So You Killed Your Cat. Now What?

“Do you think we should tell the kids what really happened? What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?” Recently we received these questions when a parent accidentally ran over the sleeping, aging old family cat. What would you say…

How to Help Kids Follow Family Rules

When it comes to family rules, a common mistake parents make is not clearly defining the rules! What is acceptable and what is not in a family can be a moving target depending on the whims of a parent’s mood,…

Do Your Consequences Build Up or Tear Down?

Sometimes, in spite of parents’ most graceful efforts to stay calm, connect well, and parent with grace, their kids still misbehave. They are “beloved sinners” (just like us) and need corrective guidance (just like we do), with the goal of helping them learn the powerful message, “You are responsible for your life, your relationships, and your decisions.”

The Worst Punishment You Can Give…

The worst punishment a parent can give is the impulsive, emotional and irrational consequence that the child eventually weasels out of because both parent and child know it’s unreasonable. Dishing out a quick consequence may help you feel big and powerful at…

Parenting Goals You Can Meet

Choose as your goals to be sure you stay calm, to be sure that your child knows he's loved and respected no matter how he behaves, and to help him focus on his responsibilities.

Come to the table

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