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3 Hands-On Practical Tips to Teach Kids Character


3 Hands On Practical Tips to Teach Kids Character 1

Often times in the day-to-day messes of family life we need practical, specific ideas for how to communicate with our kids. Below are three of our most popular and practical tips — ideas that will provide a concrete tool in your parenting belt as you work to help build your kids’ character.

1. How a Pipe Cleaner Can Stop Your Child’s Meltdowns

This simple object lesson can help to teach even small children about the value of learning flexibility and how to deal well with unexpected changes in life.

2. Dealing with Rejection: A Surprising Use for a $20 Bill

Whether your kids are dealing with unkind words or bullies or you just want to build them up, this creative illustration with a $20 bill can help kids to understand the sometimes difficult-to-grasp concept of human value.

3. Helping Kids with Their Anger

When kids (and adults) experience tangled and confusing emotions that are difficult to express, what often comes out is anger.  It feels vulnerable to be anxious, ashamed, sad, embarrassed, disappointed, discouraged, overwhelmed, confused, hurt or rejected. A typical response is to self-protect by avoiding or hiding those emotions under a layer of anger.  Here is a creative activity to reduce outbursts and prepare kids for healthy relationships.

Apply It Now:
  1. If your child is struggling, thoughtfully and honestly assess: has your approach has been creatively proactive or primarily consequence-based?
  2. Consider if there is a concrete, practical way you could strengthen their identity as a beloved child of God who is growing in character and skills (see first two tips.)
  3. Identify a “gift gone awry” beneath the struggle that you could point out to your child, and put to use for good purposes (see third tip.)

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Jim and Lynne Jackson
Jim and Lynne Jackson
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