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5 Awesome Ideas to Make the Most of Your Family’s Christmas

5 Awesome Ideas to Make the Most of Your Familys Christmas no words

It’s that time again — time for Christmas carols, snowflakes, and Advent candles, but also time for hectic schedules, slushy boots, and the Christmas cookie sugar crash.

Christmas (and Advent) can be a wonderful time to share meaningful connection as a family, but it can also be a challenging diversion from your normal routine. So we’ve assembled a countdown of our five most popular Christmas parenting tips to help you make the most of your family’s Christmas season.

5. The Gift of Not Giving: What Kids REALLY Want for Christmas

As you ponder your children’s wish lists this Christmas, be thoughtful not only about what presents they will unwrap but about giving them what they REALLY want and need: YOU!

4. 3 Steps for Success in Christmas Chaos

Sometimes the excitement of the holidays can really get kids wound up. Here are three sure-fire tips to help you keep kids grounded and equip them to practice good habits and skills instead of spiralling out of control.

3. A Surprisingly Powerful Strategy to Spice Up Your Christmas

We wrote about this unique way to read the Christmas story two years ago — and our niece and nephews still ask for it every Christmas! It has become one of our favorite parts of our Christmas celebration. Take a look!

2. Is There Harm in Convincing Kids Santa is Real?

This post has been controversial ever since we hit “publish” — but we continue to share it and parents continue to read it because it brings up an important discussion about what messages we want to send our kids (and what messages we’re actually sending them!) when we talk about Santa.

1. Elf on a Shelf: The Good, the Bad, and 4 Character-Building Tweaks

This post is a new one, but it’s quickly become one of our most popular posts — check it out to learn the good and the bad of the Elf on a Shelf tradition and some suggestions for how you can modify the elf to help kids build character!


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