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BONUS: Connected Families Future Plus A Story of Transformation

Bonus year end podcast 2023

Listen as we wrap up 2023 with Jim Jackson and Anna Braasch chatting about Connected Families’ plans for 2024. Plus, Stacey Rodenbeck shares about the hope she’s found through the Framework.

In today’s bonus episode, Jim Jackson (Connected Families Co-Founder) and Anna Braasch (Connected Families Executive Director) join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) to share about Connected Families’ year-end goals and the plans for 2024. Stacy also interviews Stacey Rodenbeck, a mom from the Connected Families community, about her transformational journey with the Framework.

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Guest Bio:

Stacey Rodenbeck is the widowed mother of Susan (almost 5) and Chris (3.5). The Rodenbecks live in Central Arkansas, where Stacey is employed as an Associate Professor of Biology at Harding University. Since the death of her husband in 2020, Stacey has focused on developing a robust relationship with her children that positions the three of them to operate as a team. They enjoy cooking and baking together as a family, reading aloud, and hiking, and they have recently delved into playing board games together. (Candyland is the family favorite right now!) Stacey is thankful to God for the new mercies of each new morning as she seeks to guide her children and fully embrace the people God created them to be.

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A Connected Families Podcast
A Connected Families Podcast
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