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Connecting in Your Marriage | Ep. 92

connecting in your marriage

Building a connected marriage is hard work and it doesn’t always come easily. You want to bring better alignment between you and your spouse and create an environment of love, grace, and emotional safety. But you also might feel stuck in a cycle of negative thinking about your spouse or your marriage. Or maybe you are struggling to find a way to navigate disagreements. Connecting in your marriage can be challenging!

The Connected Families Framework equips parents to become more safe and connected, but this Framework is not just for parenting! There are many similarities in the parenting framework that are a natural crossover in marriage. It’s a framework you can successfully apply to all of your relationships, including marriage.

In today’s podcast, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) is joined by special guests and marriage experts Jeff and Stacy Kemp. Jeff and his wife Stacy are speakers with the Family Life Today Weekend to Remember marriage conference. Jeff is also a former NFL player and author of Facing the Blitz. Join them in this honest and encouraging conversation about the value of celebrating each other’s strengths. You’ll enjoy learning from real life examples what emotional safety in marriage can look like, and the daily living out of the Foundational question, “What’s going on in me?”

When you bring unconditional love and safety to your marriage, you can find the best in each other, receive and offer grace, and find lasting and meaningful connection.*

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • practical and powerful ways to apply the Connected Families Framework in your marriage relationship
  • an approach that helps you focus on the positives and strengths in your spouse, and how it can bring change in your own heart and connection in your marriage
  • the power of being able to repair relationships after emotionally hurtful conversations
  • how to create an environment where it is safe to be transparent, so you can share your thoughts, feelings, and hurts with your spouse

*Connected Families believes that commitment to your marriage is an important aspect of emotional safety and connection, but when physical or emotional abuse is present, then help is needed and different options may need to be considered.

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A Connected Families Podcast
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