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Family Conflict

Kids have conflict. Parents have conflict. How do we teach reconciliation?

Your kids are at it… again!

(Or maybe it’s you and your husband…)

Does the fighting and bickering ever stop?! Siblings fighting day in and day out gets old fast. And let’s not forget the grownups…

We all face conflict… daily even.
But good news: Family conflict is the perfect opportunity to model and teach conflict resolution.

How many adults have you met who haven’t learned the art of conflict resolution?

If you’re in a “high conflict family,” you’ve got the perfect opportunity to train your kids to be conflict resolution masters!

Never waste a good family fight!

You don’t have to stop the conflict! Instead, you can learn to use those difficult sibling and family situations to teach kids how to listen to each other, restore relationships, and move forward. 

Watch this short video to learn how The Connected Families Framework works in sibling conflict situations.

Articles & Podcasts on Family Conflict

These articles and podcasts are a great place to start, as you teach your kids the art of conflict resolution. Next time the siblings start to fight, you’ll be ready!

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Of course, when conflict breaks out (again!)…

The type of consequence matters…

Siblings fight and hurt each other. When that happens, Restitution Consequences move the focus off of “punishing” to restoring relationships.

This means, the one who started the conflict, or the “aggressor,” makes things right with the so-called “victim.” Not only does this flip the aggressor-victim labels, but it changes a person’s identity. Download our free ebook Consequences For Kids That Actually Work to learn more about this powerful label-changing idea.

consequences for kids that actually work

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