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My Kids Fight All the Time! | Ep. 4

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It’s summer and the kids are home from school. Is the constant fighting and bickering more than you can take? 

This week we welcome Lynne Jackson, parent coach and co-founder of Connected Families. She brings stories and practical solutions you can apply (today!) to the sibling conflict in your home. Your big take-away from this podcast: 

Enter with big, sincere empathy for both kids (conflict is hard!) and then, as they begin to settle down, guide them toward their own solution. 

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To help make this practical we’ll introduce you to The Peace Process. This will give you a simple and memorable path down off “crazy mountain” toward true reconciliation:

  • calm (calm ourselves and help kids calm down)
  • understand (empathize with your kids and help them understand each other)
  • solve (use questions to help kids solve their problem)
  • celebrate (highlight and recognize what went well) 

We expand on these ideas in our 5-session online course Sibling Conflict: From Bickering to Bonding (also available for small groups!) In this course we equip you with lots of practical tools so your kids can learn to resolve their own conflicts well. Could you use a little peace in your home? Join us today!

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