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How do I keep from favoring one child over the others?

How do I keep from favoring one child over the others

We received the following question from a parent:

Q: What can I do to not show favoritism even when in some sense, certain kids really are my favorites?

The favoring of one child over others is common. Sociologists tell us that 65-70% of parents demonstrate favoritism.

The reality is that people are wired differently and are attracted variously to people of different wirings. Parents and children are no different. So in many cases it will be natural for parents to favor a child, and for a child to favor a parent.

The key is to be aware of it, and make the adjustments you decide are necessary to make; to let your love for your children overcome the likes and dislikes you may have about their personalities and preferences.

A key to this is to commit to seek God’s love for yourself, and then seek wisdom to find ways to express God’s love and your love to each of your children, in spite of their behavior or wiring.

Do you have experience with this? How have you managed it? Leave a comment and share with the community.

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Jim and Lynne Jackson
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