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How to Be a Great Grandparent to Your Grandkids (and Their Parents!)| Ep. 184

how to be a great grandparent

Two grandmothers, Dijea Young and Cindy Stonestreet (who also happen to be Connected Families Certified Parent Coaches) chat about the role of play in grandparenting and how they’re learning to be great grandmothers. Cindy and Dijea share personal stories about respecting their adult children’s parenting decisions and finding common ground, even in challenging relationships. They emphasize the power of intentional, joyful play in communicating love to their grandchildren and share examples of coaching grandchildren through conflicts. If you know a grandparent who would love to build more connection with their children and grandchildren, consider sharing this conversation with them.

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Guest Bio:

Dijea Young is a teacher, mother of eight, and grandma. For over 35 years, she has served children and families in a variety of roles. Now as a Certified Parent Coach, she combines her professional training and personal experience to help parents and grandparents nurture relationships across generations. For more information about Dijea or her services, visit www.Room4HopeCoaching.com or email Room4HopeCoaching@gmail.com

Cindy Stonestreet, a grandmother of five, ages 3-8, has been involved with Connected Families for five years. As a result of seeking a Christ-centered and better way to discipline, she took the Discipline that Connects course, followed by parent coaching, and is a Certified Parent Coach. Cindy and her husband, Steve, are blessed to have full days, 2-3 times a week, with their grandkids. Cindy’s desire is to continually grow, little by little, as she implements the Connected Families Framework with her children, their spouses, and her grandkids. They live in Charleston, West Virginia, where Cindy is a full-time CRNA at Women and Children’s Hospital.

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