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Changed Mind About Dad NW 1

What Changed My Mind About Dad

Dear Connected Families family, I write to you today with a heavy, but hopeful, heart. The reason? My dad passed away on October 14th, and his funeral was October 25th. His passing was expected, but came much faster than we…

4 strengths D6 1

The Four Strengths of Every Great Family

Jeremy Lee, from D6 Family Podcast, interviews the co-founders of Connected Families, Jim & Lynne Jackson. During this 20 minute podcast, Jim and Lynne share the Connected Families parenting framework, which focuses on building a strong parent-child relationship. If you…

Learning to See Love Through Your Kids Eyes

Learning to See Love Through Your Kids’ Eyes

The widowed captain never stopped loving his kids. But the way he loved them wasn’t landing on their hearts. He couldn’t see his love through their eyes. Although he knew he loved them, the kids longed to know his love but grew increasingly…