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The Four Strengths of Every Great Family

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Jeremy Lee, from D6 Family Podcast, interviews the co-founders of Connected Families, Jim & Lynne Jackson.

During this 20 minute podcast, Jim and Lynne share the Connected Families parenting framework, which focuses on building a strong parent-child relationship.

If you want to be encouraged and challenged in your parenting journey, listen in! We are SO EXCITED to partner with you as you lead your family with grace.



In this interview Jim & Lynne share bonus parenting nuggets from their popular resources, Discipline that Connects With Your Child’s Heart, Sibling Conflict online course, and Challenging Children.

Highlights of what you’ll learn:

[0.00] Intro

[1:34] Foundation

  • Create a foundation that grounds your child’s identity and purpose in Christ.

[2:20] Connect  

  • Communicate love to your child so that they can’t miss it. “I LOVE you and ENJOY you!”

[3:20] Coach

  • Don’t wait for misbehaviors to build your child’s character; instead, create opportunities to help them gain wisdom and purpose.
  • Follow Jesus’ example of asking thoughtful questions.

[5:49] Correct

  • Change your focus from punishment to gentle reconciliation.
  • Effective discipline puts the responsibility on the child to make right what they did wrong.

[8:15] Discipline that Connects

  • The goal of discipline is not to manage your child’s behavior, but to shape their belief about themselves. Their behavior ultimately flows out of their identity. “I’m a problem” vs “I’m the solution”.

[10:17] Sibling Conflict / Peace Process

  • Helping kids to value reconciliation and the joy of their sibling relationship.
  • Want to dig deeper into sibling relationships? Check out our Sibling Conflict Online Course

[15:28] Challenging Children

  • Giving parents compassion and coping mechanisms to help their sensitive child.

Do you want more peace at home?

And for your kids to enjoy each other?

And to reconcile when they hurt each other?

If peace is your goal, take the Sibling Conflict online course.


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Jim and Lynne Jackson
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