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A Fresh Look at the Connected Families Framework [video]

Parenting is complicated. Following an easy to remember framework simplifies your parenting and helps you become a more thoughtful, more intentional parent.

In preparation for the launch of our Discipline That Connects online course, we updated the look of our parenting framework and we are SO EXCITED to share it with you!

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The four principles of the framework build from the bottom up:

  • Parents start by strengthening their own spiritual and relational foundation of safety and grace.
  • The solid foundation then helps bring God’s love into everyday life, empowering parents to enjoy and connect with unconditional love.
  • Connection creates opportunities for parents to thoughtfully coach their kids toward God’s truth and purposes for them.
  • When sin and misbehavior show up it’s time to correct in ways that disciple kids to take responsibility for their sin, their relationships and their lives.

This proactive approach to parenting highlights God’s best for kids and parents alike. Check out the three minute video below to get an overview of our Framework, and then join us for our Discipline That Connects online course!

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Jim and Lynne Jackson
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