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Learning to See Love Through Your Kids’ Eyes

Learning to See Love Through Your Kids Eyes

The widowed captain never stopped loving his kids. But the way he loved them wasn’t landing on their hearts. He couldn’t see his love through their eyes.

Although he knew he loved them, the kids longed to know his love but grew increasingly disappointed as he outsourced their care to a long line of governesses (nannies). Maria was the seventh. But she was different than the other governesses… she worked to make sure her love for the children landed — and she loved to sing.

…Are you with me? Are you humming “Doe, a Deer” yet?

The tension mounts as the captain pursues marriage to a woman who is happy to keep the love between children and their father at bay. But music had the power to break through.

For me, the captain’s breakthrough is my favorite moment of the whole movie. When the captain joins his family to sing “The Sound of Music,” a family truly connects. Good intentions become heart-turning action.

It is not enough to love our kids. It is not enough to love them deeply. That love, if it is to have its greatest impact, must land.

Apply It Now:

  • What do you do to connect with your kids the way the captain did when he joined the singing?

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Jim Jackson
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