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6 Practical Ways 1

6 Practical Ways To Show Love to Kids

One of the best times to show love to your kids is when they are misbehaving. Anger, frustration, and lecturing are standard reactions to a kid who does something wrong, but do they work to change behavior? I worked with…

The Secret to Effective Discipline 1

The Secret to Effective Discipline

We all want to parent our kids well, and especially to feel confident as we discipline our children. But many parents, in their efforts to discipline their children, miss what we think is a key ingredient. The secret? Connection. From our…

Learning to See Love Through Your Kids Eyes

Learning to See Love Through Your Kids’ Eyes

The widowed captain never stopped loving his kids. But the way he loved them wasn’t landing on their hearts. He couldn’t see his love through their eyes. Although he knew he loved them, the kids longed to know his love but grew increasingly…

Love No Matter What

Love – No Matter What!

For I am convinced that neither arguing nor defiance, neither sibling conflict nor disrespect, neither bad grades nor failure, neither whining nor lying, neither forgetfulness nor messes, nor any other misbehavior will be able to separate you from my love…

When Its Good for Kids to Say No

When It’s Good for Kids to Say No!

  Dads often joke about what some young lad will have to do to get past dad to the daughter. But it’s no laughing matter. Most dads with daughters, having lived through adolescence themselves, are irrationally suspicious or even downright…

super powers parent

What Are Your Parental Super Powers?

Sometimes it can feel like parents need super powers to survive the day and keep everything together. Kristi, a mom of two young kids, recently sent us this story about her super powers — but they’re not what she thought…